About me

I'm a Software Engineer from Brazil, currently living in Araçatuba, a beautiful city in the Northwest of São Paulo.

Through my 13 years of experience, I worked mostly as a backend developer, but have worked as a technical leader and as a full-stack developer.

Currently working as a Software Architect @ Foxbox Digital (where I was originally a Software Engineer).

I started working with Ruby in 2012, and am still working with it. In 2013 I learned about Elixir and started playing with it on personal projects. In 2016 I started working professionally with Elixir and have been working with it ever since.

I've worked as a technical and team leader with multiple developers on my team, architected distributed, fault-tolerant applications that handle thousands of requests per hour, and millions of records of data on the database.

I'm a quiet person but won't stop talking after I start, love to work on challenges that can make anyone lose their hair (well, maybe that's why I'm bald), and I'm always trying to learn and share as much knowledge as I can.


Software Architect at Foxbox Digital (May/2021 - current)

Software Engineer at Foxbox Digital (Jun/2020 - Apr/2021)

Software Engineering Consultant at Quack5 Consulting (Jan/2016 - current)

Senior Software Engineer at XING GmbH & Co. KG (Oct/2018 - Dec/2019)

Senior Developer at Liquid Labs (May/2018 - Sep/2018)

Backend Team Lead at Wunder Carpool (Nov/2017 - Apr/2018)

Senior Backend Engineer at Wunder Carpool (Feb/2017 - Oct/2017)

Senior Software Engineer at TIDY Homekeeping (Mar/2016 - Jan/2017)

Software Engineer at Quimbik, Inc. (Aug/2012 - Feb/2016)

Senior PHP Developer at FPP EDU-Media, Inc. (May/2010 - Jul/2012)

Web Developer at WAD Soluções para Internet (Aug/2008 - Apr/2010)

Delphi Developer at BWN Aplicativos (Dec/2007 - Jul/2008)


Bachelor in Information Systems at Faculdade de Alagoas (INCOMPLETE) (January/2005 - December/2009)